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Gaia ChangeMakers Program
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What: This summer we will be holding our first ever ChangeMakers Program for students in the last 2 years of school, or recent graduates (approximately) aged 16-19. The program entails all the learning we think should be more prevalent in schools and the kind of learning the world needs for it to be a better place. Head to our Gaia ChangeMakers Program page to register and find out more!

July 15th - August 2nd 2024
Where: Zurich, Prague, Swiss Alps

Public Climate Fresk
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What: We are excited to be offering a Climate Fresk open to the public! In an interactive way, learn about the causes and effects of climate change, and how to find your power to make a change.
Less than 4 places left. Register

When: April 11th 2024, 12:00 to 3:00pm
Where: PBZ Sihlcity, Kalanderplatz 5, Zürich


Youth Forum Switzerland, Leadership

What: We held 4 IMPACT LABS at the Youth Forum Switzerland (YFS) this year. The YFS, attended by over 900 students is modeled on the World Economic Forum and was organised entirely by students from the International School of Zug and Luzern in Switzerland. Our impact labs taught young changemakers, in an interactive way, the leadership skills necessary for having difficult conversations, and resolving conflicts through diplomacy. We had a blast!!

When: January 12th 2023
Where: International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL), Switzerland

How to Create an Impactful Business, UBS

What: We supported our partner - Believe who created an insightful and inspiring educational, at UBS. The event was for Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Impact investors, who were interested in learning more from experts about the following topics around sustainability:

🔋 Simple steps to decarbonise SME's
🌍 Climate and sustainability leadership
👩🏫 Employee engagement and retention through sustainability
🏅 Key sustainability and climate certifications, awards and labels
📖 Swiss and EU regulatory and legislative environment.

We supported them with content and delivery to create a memorable evening to educate and connect companies looking to make the change!

December 4th 2023
Where: UBS, Zurich

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Deloitte National Futures Day

What: Facilitating workshops and speaking to children about climate change are delicate topics. Deloitte wanted to share the importance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability within their organisational practices with over 50 youngsters age 10-14 exploring their future options

With such important visitors at their offices, they wanted to make sure they did it right! To enable that we held a training for their staff on how to talk to kids about climate change, and helped them facilitate climate workshops on the causes and effects of climate change, so that kids would develop their understanding of climate issues, and come away feeling empowered to make a change.
November 9th, 2023
Where: Deloitte Switzerland, Zurich


What: Facilitated the Climate Fresk (an interactive) workshop to educate people about climate change. It was the first time we had students and their parents together! to Students and Parents at Switzerland’s Biggest Science Festival.
August 26th, 2023
At SCIENTIFICA, Switzerland's largest Science festival at ETH Zurich and University of Zurich.

Published Articles
April Issue 2023
Maiazine - A Magazine for High School Students from Maialearning
Article: "Sustainability - Creating a Brighter Future"
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