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make the change.

What we do

We reform education by creating learning experiences that last a lifetime.

Through providing real-world learning experiences from the local environment, and partnerships with the community, we empower the next generation with a holistic understanding of themselves, problem solving and conceptual thinking to navigate a changing world.

We give them system thinking skills by teaching them how to view complex issues holistically, to recognise how various elements within a system are interconnected and to be sensitive to the circular nature of the world.

Our approach
Experiences that last a lifetime.

Our approach

What we offer

An education curriculum that truly prepares kids for the future through...

discovery and development

Education goes beyond academics. We encourage the exploration of passions, strengths, and values. We provide a safe and supportive environment for this journey, ensuring that it aligns with sustainable practicesfor us and our planet.

Inquiry, project-based and conceptual learning

We champion well-researched learning approaches. Curiosity 
is nurtured and students take an active role in their education. 
We foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of core concepts.

Contextual learning

Education should be relevant and meaningful. Immersing students in real-world contexts builds deeper connections. By integrating local and global issues into our program curriculums we equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to address complex challenges and make a positive impact.

Community partnerships

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We actively seek partnerships with local communities, organizations, and businesses to create a dynamic learning ecosystem. By connecting students with real-world experiences and experts, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing them for active engagement in the world around them.

Make The Changes designs personal and bespoke programs for the local community or school it is being held in. If you’re interested in having more information about our programs, click the button below:

Our programs
Be curious

Make exciting

Be courageous

Grow beyond yourself

Discover yourself

Get to know you

See the bigger picture

Learn to recognize

What people say about us

“Not only is Diya thoughtful, and truly caring of her students, she is deeply passionate about her craft, and in providing learners with the most effective and impactful education possible. In this way, she is, quite frankly, paving the way for our future learners, teachers, and scientists alike. Through her kindness, determination for change, and passion for teaching, she has been a truly influential part of my formative education. It has been a privilege to have been taught by a person like her, and to have had the chance to call her a mentor, teacher, and role model.”

Lucy Sparks,
Student at Maastricht University
What people say about us

"When I first met Diya she impressed me immediately. She moved the curriculum forward, helped us expand our STEM and moved our sustainability efforts forward. What impresses me most is Diya’s vision and ability to mobilize others to make things happen. Her energy and determination make her an impact player"

David Markus,
Upper School Principal,
Zurich International School
What people say about us

“Ms. Kanoria had a profound impact on my personal development as a teacher, mentor and confidant. I fondly remember our trips together like building homes in Romania, or sailing through trees at the ropes park. She supported me through atypical and unstable teenage years, and she motivated me with her trust to do better in and outside of school."

Alexander Degenhardt,
Founder of Cikumas GmbH,
Student at University of St. Gallen
What people say about us

“Her (Diya's) dedication to sustainability is inspiring and is something I want to emulate in my future. Most importantly, she showed me how sustainability is not limited to one sector. This sentiment made me very hopeful because before this course, I thought that sustainable career paths were limited to environmental science or urban planning”

Student at University of Virginia (UVA),
Event with UVA Investing in a Sustainable Future" Program
Who we are

Experts who want to make a change...

Make The Change was founded with a clear mission: to revolutionize education and empower the next generation as empathetic problem solvers and changemakers. Recognizing the limitations of traditional education models, our founder, Diya Kanoria, a dedicated international high-school science teacher in Switzerland, embarked on a journey to create a new paradigm.

"Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid to not try"
- Michael Jordan

About us
Who we work with

Together we are stronger

We can rely on our specialists: We have partners who support our mission providing learning opportunities for our students (companies and organisations), help with the development of our programs (experts in curriculum development) and provide scholarships (philanthropic) to make our programs accessible to more students.

"To accelerate change we need to work together"
- Anna Ryott

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